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Greetings, Summoners. You know me as Riven, the Exile. A former Noxian soldier, I now provide my services to the League of Legends. I will provide answers that you seek from me, but do not expect answers to... Personal questions.



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My sorella, as beautiful as always~ Let a man post his face amongst so many females:

Fresh out from two days ago, on the beach.



((reblogging my face from my artblog since most of you don’t follow it. I’m satiricdances))

    (( Posting.  Trying to man up.  Preparing for anon hate. ))

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Don’t mind me.

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Anonymous submitted: Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

… No?

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Everyone was a child once. I used to have dolls around the house and whatnot. Quit a stereotypical answer, don’t you think?

(ooc: haha oh god i cant draw little girls without them looking like annie i quit)

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Anonymous submitted: you should make teemo happy a bit if you know what i mean baecouse he already is feeling so sad nowadays

Get out.